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Revisit our proud history

Kathy's husband, Howard, began working as a delivery man at the first Kalamazoo Pizza King location while attending college.  


At the young age of 21, the owner, gave him the opportunity to launch a new Pizza King location across town.  After being open only a few weeks, he was drafted into the army.  


While he was away. John, the current manager took over until Howard returned.


Howard continued to own and operate Pizza King until his unexpected death in 1982 at the age of 36.


With the assistance and loyalty of John, Pizza King continues to thrive. John's son also works at Pizza King while Kathy's son manages his time between working at Pizza King and also attends culinary school.

Serving Portage and surrounding areas since 1967. Call 269-381-8692 for pizza!

Customer reviews

Best thin crust pizza in Portage


I used to say I wasn't a big fan of thin crust, but this place made me change my thinking. It's the best thin crust pizza in town and my wife wants me to pick it up for us at least once a month. Menu is limited, but what they do, they do right, and at a great price.


Definitely worth a try


One of my favorite pizza places in town, if you like hand tossed pizza, this place in definitely worth a try.


Wish I could find a pie half this good


We Love Pizza King!  It's been our family's favorite for years. You'll appreciate the fresh ingredients and quality.  I think their pizza is the best in the Kalamazoo/Portage area.


One of the best pizzas you'll ever have! I lived in kalamazoo for 30 years and have had this pizza probably more than 100 times. The cheese, crust, sauce, and toppings are perfection! The cheese is out of this world!


I have since moved to eastern PA and wish I could find a pie half this good. This is mom-and-pop pizza at its finest and puts all chains and the east cost stuff to shame. I haven't even found pizza this good in NYC! This is my second favorite pizza of all time.

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